Why us!

Deep understanding of technology start-ups, experience in working with geeks and highly intelligent people, extensive know-how in organisational development and people management matters.
We bring to the table knowledge, expertise, passion, past results and recommendations and a winning attitude for your business.
People is often all that matters in a business and because we understand this matter for our clients, we also apply it for ourselves.

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For your company

Feedback 360*

Built around the competency framework of each company, on management levels, the tool is designed to manage the Performance Evaluation processes in your company.

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Training - design and delivery

Through our custom trainings we can help teams work on a range of issues around leadership, motivation, innovation, communication and much more - all aimed at maximising their individual and group strengths to build high performing teams.

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For you

CV consultancy & writing

This service is meant to highlight your expertise and excellence in your previous roles and/ or your managerial skills and leadership abilities. We start with your current CV, we discuss and consult you on the best approach of writing your CV and where needed we write it for you, with you!

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Online testing

We facilitate tests and assessments for job hunting and recruiting purposes with the support of our partner Cut-E
* psychometric testing and personality profiling
* online abilities testing
* integrity and values testing

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* Individual Development Plan


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Although tools are often custom made in order to fit the needs of your company, they are also flexible in order to be easily custom for your growth and development. Check out some of these tools for easily managing your people, processes and systems.

Our Vitals

Get to know your organisational development consulting agency that is helping innovative technology companies set up people and management processes for amazing results.

Located in Sibiu
We've been pioneers since 2010, and we thrive here, in the heart of Transylvania.

Industry Experts
We get to know your business—from the nuances of hiring and firing in the technology industry to the challenges of managing both your business and the people as a startup in this legal environment.

OD Pros
We are a passionate mix of HR, strategy, OD, creativity, people management and PM pros.

Call us: +40 740 01 75 15

Email us: hrconsultant@auraserea.ro

Visit us: Impact HUB Bucharest, 5th Halelor, 2nd & 3rd floor (Unirii Square)
Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 21:00

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Check out all our projects, you might discover useful approaches for your team, your business or yourself.

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